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Montenegro Citizenship


Citizenship by Investment

Montenegro economic citizen by investment program to officially open in force effective  on Jan 1, 2019

Montenegro grants citizenship to foreign investors according to its citizenship law of 2008, under economic investment (special investment category).

Citizenship by Investment

The following investments qualify for citizenship in Montenegro.

  • EUR 250,000 Real estate property investment in undeveloped Montenegro
  • EUR 400,000 investment in developed areas of Montenegro

Additionally EUR 100,000 donation in the form of Government fees

* Additional family members fee apply.

The scheme is limited to only 2000 applicants and will run for 3 years. The scheme will close on Dec 31, 2021

The processing time is 4 months.

Montenegro passport ranked 47th best passport in the World offering visa free travel to 107 countries in the world including all of Europe, Russia, Switzerland etc.

Montenegro is a future candidate for EU membership and does not participate in the Schengen area.


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