Anguilla Golden visa


Residence investment scheme


Anguilla offers an exciting opportunity to become a permanent resident in the British caribbean island. Anguilla is British overseas territory with beautiful beaches with a population of just 15,000

Anguilla Residence by Investment (ARBI)

Under the new scheme, foreigners can obtain permanent residence under these three investment options

  • Tax residency: Pay $75,000 as lump sum tax to treasury annually. Must spend 45 days a year and own a property for atleast $400,000
  • Capital fund: Pay $150,000 as one time payment to diversification fund to develop and contribute to the economy. Additional fee $50,000 for spouse or dependants
  • Real estate: Buy a property worth atleast $750,000 in the island

Additional Fees

There is an application processing fee of $3000 for family of four. Additional family members have to pay $500 per applicant. There is also due diligence fee $7500 per adult person and $2500 for child under 18

British Citizenship

Anguilla residents with permanent resident status through this scheme can apply to become British Overseas Citizen (BOC) after five years of living.   British overseas citizenship is largely granted to people of former british colonies.

British Overseas Citizens qualify for BOT passport.

British Overseas citizens (BOC) are exempted from obtaining a visa or entry certificate when visiting the United Kingdom for less than six months. BOC are subject to immigration controls and do not have the right of abode or the right to work in the United Kingdom. Unlike full British citizens, British Overseas citizens are not European Union citizens and do not have freedom of movement in the EU but they are exempted from obtaining a visa when visiting the Schengen Area

Anguilla uses the international airport in St Maarten for daily access to the US, Canada and Europe.


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